“Potato Soup” is What’s for Dinner

One of the first websites I started following when we started on our journey was 100 Days of Real Food. I loved finding out something new about an ingredient or a product and then going over to the 100 days site to see what information they might have on it. Or if they have “unjunked” a recipe that I wanted to try to make from scratch.  When they came out with a cookbook late last year I was so excited, especially to hear that it contained a lot of recipes that were not on the website. One of our favorite recipes from that cookbook is the Slow Cooker Potato Soup.  It is not only an incredibly easy meal to make, but the flavors from the simple ingredients are really out of this world.

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“Brinner” Is What’s for Dinner

So last Thursday was supposed to be “Brinner for Dinner”.  As is with everything, life (and work) got in the way of dinner.  So we just had leftovers.  I was determined to make up for it this week. Even though we did not have an official meal plan for the week, I knew we were going to have Brinner.  So Brinner is breakfast for dinner.  The girls love it.  The funny thing is that I remember having breakfast for dinner growing up and I HATED it.  It was my least favorite dinner that we had.  I think part of the reason was that I didn’t like eggs when I was younger.  It had to do with my braces.  Eating eggs always tasted like I was eating metal and so it was something that I never wanted to eat (even after the braces came off).  I outgrew it and I love eggs now.

So for this Brinner I was craving pancakes.  I love good, fluffy pancakes.  But more often than not the good fluffy pancakes that you can either buy in the store or eat out are loaded with white flour, some form of processed oil, added sugar and who knows what else.  I have tried many pancake recipes over the past few years and I could never get that “traditional” pancake taste or texture.  That is until I tried the Whole-Wheat Banana Pancakes from 100 Days of Real Food.  These my friends are life changing.  I love that the only sugar comes from the banana and the honey (2 tbs if you double the recipe and I recommend doing that).  The other amazing thing is that you don’t even need syrup with these pancakes.  The are moist (from the banana) and light.

Whole-Wheat Banana Pancakes

When I make these I always double the batch so that I can freeze some for “one of those times that you don’t feel like cooking”.  I ended up with thirty pancakes when I was done. We had seventeen left and I was able to freeze those.  To freeze them I let them cool, and the stack with parchment paper in between and put into a freezer bag.

One new item that I was able to use for this was my new Misto.  In the past I just brushed the oil on the griddle, but I missed the old days when I would just spray and go. These gives me the best of both worlds, the ability to use my preferred oil and the ability to spray without using harsh chemicals.  It’s a win-win.

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