Speed Bumps

We have been eating “real” food for a couple of years.  I love how it feels to make something for my family and know exactly what they are eating.  When I decided over a year ago to try and start of blog about our family and “Living Life with Real Food” I was pretty excited about where it would lead.  I was excited about sharing what we do and how any everyday family can do the same thing.  So for a little while it went great and then I hit our first bump…my children started to refuse to eat any and everything that I made for dinner.  It didn’t matter if we had it 100 times before…they were on a food revolt.  Our weekly dinner menu consisted of tacos, pasta, salad and pizza EVERY SINGLE WEEK.  So here I am trying to create this little niche for me and we are eating the same thing every single week.  Maybe I should have just put it out there.  I mean the name of this blog is {Living Life with Real Food} and we were living it, but instead I was getting frustrated and slowly began to lose my interest and happiness in cooking.  This went on for several months last year.  Just when I thought we were coming to the light, we hit another speed bump.

I had a health scare in May and it rattled me to my core and it took about three months for the fog to lift.  I didn’t want to cook or even think about food.  We did still do a great job with what we were eating considering the circumstances.  August was approaching and my ladies were going to start Kindergarten.  I knew that I needed to break out of the funk and start to get my food focus back because the ladies were going to bring their lunch to school.  I started to look on Pinterest for lunch ideas, i bought some Yumboxes and we made a plan for lunches to make it easy for everyone we came up with a “theme” for each day.  We decided on Muffin Monday, Soup and Salad Tuesday, Smoothie Wednesday, Sandwich Thursday and Leftover Friday.  My mojo was coming back and I was enjoying food again and the ladies were too!  As of today we have done 138 school lunches!  There are pictures of most of them.  Some are better then others.  In January the ShotBox that we ordered via kickstarter arrived and the pictures are SO much better!  They are going to make their appearance here soon.

Our dinners are still pretty basic, every once and a while I am able to throw in a new item and some times it is a hit.   Last week I cooked some black bean pasta and added balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes avocado and feta.  It was pretty darn tasty.  It went over so-so with the ladies, but I will make it again and again and again and one of those times they will like it.  {don’t they say you have to try something about 10 times before you actually like it?} I am going to try and make more effort with adding variety to dinners.  I mean the ladies are now eating roasted seaweed in their lunches so I think we can branch out a bit in our dinners.  I am also more realistic that you have to start slow with any kind of venture and that there will be tons of speed bumps along the way.

Until next time,