About Me

I’m Laureen, a full-time working mom of twin girls who is married to a great {incredibly supportive} husband.  We started our family “real food” journey about two years ago.  I love cooking and creating real food for my family.  I am my happiest when I am in the kitchen making real healthy food for my family and friends. What I hope to share is how we do what we do through meal planning, honest reviews of the meals, where to get the best prices on food items, what works for us and some other tips that I have come across.  We are your everyday family that has decided that “Real Food” is important for us and we will do whatever we can to eat that way.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we do eat out and some choices are not the best, but I subscribe to the “80/20 rule”.  Meaning that 80% of the time I (we) will eat “real food” and 20% of the time I will eat what I am craving or what I want.  I do not believe in depriving myself or my family of anything food wise on an occasional basis.


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