Meal Planning April 3, 2016

It’s meal planning Sunday over here.  Even thought we have been a bit out of sync with food, meal planning has still continued over here.  This week I was excited because we are back to trying new things.  I am  hoping that my renewed spirit doesn’t come back to bite me.  I have all new items on the menu this week.  So we are trying the following things:

Sunday: Bean and Zucchini Cutlets with seasoned peas

Monday: Leftover Cutlets

Tuesday: Lemony-Garlic White Bean Salad with Arugula Pumpkin Pesto

Wednesday: 7 Ingredient Pineapple Stir “Fried” Rice

Thursday: Sweet Potato Fritters with Citrus Cream and Salad

So we made the Bean and Zucchini Cutlets {from VeganSandra}.  The ladies helped with the patty making.  In my experience {with my ladies at least} when they help in the kitchen or with making the meal they are more likely to eat or at least try it.  We were originally supposed to have sweet potato fried with our cutlets.  I say originally because that was the plan and they even made it into the oven.  While we were cooking the cutlets, Em was still helping, we kept checking them and they were just not cooking.  When they began to cook, they didn’t cook, but started to burn.  I did everything that “best sweet potato” recipe said to do {sweet potato fries are my nemesis.  I have tried to make them on several occasions and I have failed each time.}  While this was frustrating to me, it turned into a great lesson.  We are dealing with frustration and not getting things right the first time in my house right now and how do deal with it.  So while I wanted to yell and scream we tried to “fix” the problem.  We tried to salvage what we could and finish cooking them in the oil from the cutlets while the others were still in the oven.  I would love to say that was the magical fix, but it was not.  So we then had to come up with another plan for our side.  We settled on the peas in which Em added her love to them.   I hope that this little lesson {in burnt sweet potato fries} will help with some frustration that they ladies are dealing with and how to try and fix the problem

I am so happy to say that the Cutlets earned a four thumbs up tonight and that is a win in my book {even with the burnt sweet potato fries.}

Until next time,



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