“Naan Pizza” is What’s for Dinner

Friday is pizza and movie night at our house. It’s a nice way to wind the work/school week down and get ready for the weekend. Sometime we order pizza out from a local restaurant whose claim is “a slice has big has your head” and it is true, they are massive slices of pizza. Other times we make it at home.  I have used store-bought dough, and it was okay.  I’ve tried {unsuccessfully on numerous time} to make cauliflower crust, I’ve done mini bagels, but short of making my own dough, nothing has really stuck with us. One day I came across some Naan Bread at the store and they had sauce and other “pizza-like” ingredients near it and I decided to try it.  Well it was quite the hit so we try to have it at least twice a month. The ladies are pretty standard in what they want on theirs week in and week out…Cheese. Mike and I like to mix it up with whatever we might have leftover from the week.  Since I still had some of the chicken teriyaki from the other night, we decided to try that along with some peppers I had cut for snacking.

Chicken and Pepper Naan Pizza

teriyaki chicken and pepper



What I love most about making them with Naan bread, is that it only takes about 10-15 minutes to bake it and that is just to get the ingredients hot and the cheese melted.  The bread itself does not get overly crunchy, but still stays a little soft.  Another perk is that the ladies love it, and you can’t ask much more than that.

Until next time,



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