“Velvety Macaroni” is What’s for Dinner

When I was making the meal plan for the week, Lily said that she wanted to have Macaroni and Cheese and I was happy to oblige.  I mean who does not like macaroni and cheese?  Since we started our real food journey I have found that boxed macaroni and cheese (the stuff that I and everyone I know grew up on) is bad.  Not just a little bad, but why are artificial colors and food dyes needed?  I will occasionally buy the Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese for pinch, but there is something really satisfying about making food from scratch {at least it is to me}.  Mike found the recipe I made tonight on Forks Over Knives.  I was intrigued about the use of butternut squash as the base for the cheese sauce.

When I was doing my weekly shopping, my Whole Foods did not have whole butternut squashes, but they did have some that where already cut up. I try to buy organic produce as much as possible, but since butternut squash is not on the dirty dozen list, I was okay with buying it even though it was not organic.  Now, for cost reasons buying the whole vegetable and cutting yourself is going to be more cost efficient that purchasing pre-cut items.

Since the butternut squash was already cut, I had to adapt the recipe to work with that ingredient.  So I placed the cubes in a ziplock bag (you could also use a bowl) and added some salt, pepper, garlic powder and olive oil.  Coated the squash and then baked for 30 minutes.  I love that the recipe used brown rice pasta (which I had some on hand).  It is a great alternative to regular pasta.  I don’t know about your family, but mine is not keen on the whole-wheat pasta, so this is a great option.  I purchase my brown rice pasta at Trader Joes.

Since I roasted the butternut squash, I skipped step in the recipe that calls for streaming it with garlic.  Instead while my pasta was cooking I added the steam basket to the top and steamed the broccoli.  {great time saver}  Making the “cheese” sauce was very easy, I added the roasted butternut squash, almond milk, nutritional yeast, salt and garlic powder to a sauce pan, plugged my immersion blender in and that’s when I remembered that it no longer worked.  Hello Amazon 🙂 So I put the mixture into the blender and it worked just as well.

I was very pleased with how the meal turned out and it was given 3 and 1/2 thumbs tonight.  That’s pretty good for 5-year-old critics in my book.  It will definitely be going into the dinner rotation.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on ““Velvety Macaroni” is What’s for Dinner

  1. This sounds tasty! I will have to give it a try with some of the butternut squash I have stored from my garden this summer. I make a mac and cheese with a pimento cheese sauce which is also very tasty and a favorite in my family. I hadn’t thought of using squash…
    I was trying gluten free for a little while trying to figure out if I had an allergy and found that I liked the brown rice pasta also! There are some really awful (in my opinion!) gluten free pastas out there.
    Off to find the recipe…


    • It was really good and to get one of my 5 year old to eat all of it and the other one to at least try and eat some of it is a win-win in my book. I would love to have a garden one day. I agree with the fact that there are some awful “healthy” pasta out there.


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